How To Get Pet Hair Off And Out Of Your Home

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We love fur babies, don’t we? Caring for a dog is one of life’s greatest pleasures. However, dealing with the fur and dander that comes along with having a pet in the house certainly is not. Other than a few breeds, cats and dogs alike both shed and leave behind hair on a regular basis. Often pet parents don’t even notice how much fur or hair has accumulated in the carpet, mats, fabric sofas and so on. What is worse is having to travel with a lint roller to get some layers of hair off your clothing. Pet hair can often foster mites or trigger certain allergies, so it is extremely important to clean pet hair regularly.



The longer the interval, the more shed fur gets built up and eventually gets attached to fabrics around your home. Your cleaning schedule will depend on your pet. Some dog breeds like Maltese, Poodles, or cat breeds like Sphynx cats hardly shed. You can consider getting a handy and dependable vacuum cleaner.


A good brush and regular grooming can reduce pet hair from getting accumulated to every surface. You can opt for a natural fiber bristle brush or a pin brush etc. A bristle brush is great for removing fur that’s loose and just about to fall.

An appointment with a professional groomer once in four to five weeks is a great idea. This will keep your per well groomed and hair fall under control.


Kind of forgotten, but an air filter changed at recommended intervals is a must for houses with pets. You may find yourself changing the filter more frequently as the fur gets accumulated inside the filter. Invest in a high performing air purifier/ filter.


We love cuddling our fur babies on the couch, chairs or sofas, but no one likes to sit on a sofa covered with pet hair. A slipcover will cover your furniture and it's easy to remove and wash. You will be saved from digging into the crevices to get hold of that fur.


Shedding is a natural process and it will not come to a stop even with the healthiest of diets. As a pet parent one must ensure that your furry friend is eating healthy. This will give your pet a healthy skin, keep it away from skin allergies or nutritional deficiencies. Skin allergies and deficiencies can cause abnormal hair fall.


Air blower, on a cool air setting, can be used outside to blow off the loose hair. The air pressure must be maintained properly so that it doesn’t hurt the pooch. This is a hack and can be used for breeds that have dense coats like husky


Take a damp sponge and whirl it all over your furniture. The moisture helps to break down the particles that stick the fur in place. Use a clean sponge to pull up fur from the surfaces.


Certain areas in the house should be off-limits to pets such as beds and sofas. It's best to never let them there in the first place and provide a comfy spot for your pet. Large throw pillows can be used to give your pet its own spot. In case your pet needs to be removed from the furniture, put a leash on first and then gently pull.

Keeping pets and keeping your house hair-free are two parallels. Itsure can be challenging to have the two simultaneously, but we must try as far as possible. Otherwise, you may witness people declining your invitations, friends avoiding visiting your place. Besides, you may develop respiratory problems. Therefore, care is necessary

Being a dog owner is certainly all about those loving dog stares, goofy pooch grins, sloppy kisses and tail wags. With these helpful hints, you'll spend more time there, and less time worrying about the pet fur hair around your home.

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