How to cope with loosing a pet

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There comes a time in every pet owner’s life, when you have to say the final goodbye. The death of a beloved pet is extremely upsetting and devastating. For some people the death of a pet can feel even harder than losing a human loved one. For most pet owners a pet is not just an animal, it is a family member and a source of unconditional love and affection. Animals form an organic connection; they love you and you love them – it’s simple. Our pets don’t judge us and never complain, they love and comfort us. Our love for them is uncomplicated and pure.

So, what to do when no one is there to greet you at the door or no one is there to lick your face in the morning? Here’s how to deal with the loss of a pet.


# Accept –

Accept the loss, acknowledge the grief and allow yourself to express your emotions. Supressing your emotions related to missing pet will only prolong your sadness and grief.

# We feel how we feel – it’s always personal

Your pet is not just a family member but a source of unconditional love, a soothing constant presence, living, breathing, whining reason to step out of the house every day. Others may not understand your grief, and it is okay. So, don’t let them dictate your mourning process. Remember it is personal.

# Avoid replaying the last moments with your pet

Especially so if they were painful and traumatic. Missing pet is normal but try to focus on life spent together and your favorite memories with each other.

# Create a legacy -

You can keep the memory of your pet alive in some wonderful ways like turning their pet tag into a bracelet or a necklace, and placing a photo of them in your wallet. Plant a shrub or a tree in their memory. Print a few snapshots you love to frame and put them around your home. You can also create a physical album of their pictures. Another way is to get yourself inked. Get a tattoo and immortalize your pets’ memories. This way you will never miss them and remember all the years you got to spend with them.

# Connect with other grieving pet owners

Grief is meant to be shared and there are other people who have experienced a profound loss like that. If you don’t have family or friends who understand what you are going through, it is fine. There are many pet loss support groups online as well as offline. These can provide you valuable support and counseling.

# Find a new routine –

Walking your dog several times a day gets you out of the house quite often. So, it is important to still take those walks and keep yourself occupied and busy. Try getting other animals in your life. It could be volunteering at a shelter or getting another puppy home. Of course, the pet you lost will be hugely missed forever.

# Take care of yourself

Often people tend to neglect themselves when they are sad or grieving the loss of their pet. Exercising, sleeping and eating well will go a long way helping us in the journey.

# Write a journal or diary

Often people cannot relate to a pet owner’s sadness or grief of losing a pet. They don’t understand the pain. So, you don’t have to worry about reaching out to people who do not understand, just get down to writing down your thoughts and emotions. A diary or a journal is a great way to manage your grief.



Let us not take losing a pet lightly. For most people grief can begin to lose its sharp edge in a few weeks but that doesn’t mean they care any less. It is normal to feel that way, as you might have spent years with your furry friend, kitty or any other pet. They cared for you too, they were always there to greet you at the door, never held a grudge or made you feel bad. You pet was probably your best friend. It is only natural to feel sad and broken and you will never completely forget them but you can slowly begin to accept their loss and, in the process, get healed and feel better.

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