How To Adopt An Indian Stray Dog

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Congratulations! In case you have decided to adopt an Indian stray dog. When it comes to adopting a furry friend, nothing comes near an Indie. They make great companions and friends. Adopting a stray dog, lets you save and better an Indie’s life at the same time standing up against the practice of profit breeding. You are saving two souls – the animals’ and yours’. They are playful, loyal, protective, intelligent and fun. I call them stress busters. Contrary to popular belief, strays are easy to keep and train. So, get ready for a lot of licks, cuddles and unconditional love.


Street or stray Indian dogs come in a variety of sizes, shapes and temperament. Choosing to adopt a stray dog is a very important step as it will soon become a part of your family. Think through it very carefully to avoid an impulsive decision that you may regret later in life. Pet parenting is a lot of fun along with some commitment and responsibilities.

Once you have adopted, you are responsible for its health and well-being. You must spend time with your pet and take him/ her out for walks, feed, exercise and groom then well. You must maintain a health chart and visit your vet periodically. Follow a deworming and parasite control schedule and groom your pet regularly. Also access your financial resources as there is a some helpful suggestions.

Here are some helpful suggestions


Ask yourself some basic questions

Answer these questions before you get started –

  • What is your reason to adopt Indian stray dogs as pets?
  • Are you ready for a long-term commitment?
  • What kind of pet is right for you?
  • Will you be able to deal with your pet’s health challenges?
  • Do you have adequate space?
  • Is your family ready for a pet?

Check with animal shelters close by

Stray Indian dogs are a common sight across the country, and you must have seen many in and around your societies or residential complexes. While it is easy to pick up and get one home, it is recommended to connect with the shelter or a rescue home in your area. Often these street dogs live in a community and are well taken care of by various groups of animal lovers. Permission from the local body may be required before you are able to adopt one. A list of city-wise local shelters can be accessed online.

# Get in touch with a volunteer

Volunteers take care of street dogs and often notice litters of pups. Volunteers ensure that the mother dog is well fed and taken care of and the pups are in a safe environment. Once they are older and ready for separation from the litter, they are up for adoption. Ideal age for adoption is around eight weeks. These volunteers can help with stray rescue adoptable dogs.

# Spend time with your potential pet

This bit sure needs a lot of patience. Spending quality time and socializing with the shelter/ street dogs is an extremely important part of the adoption process. You must visit the shelter/ spot multiple times before you know the dog trusts you. Interact with the puppy, leave some food for the dog and back away, squat at his level while interacting with face turned sideways. If he starts sniffing you, makes eye contact and displays friendly body language then go ahead and pet him gently. Dog treats can also be used to establish friendship with your potential pet. It is important to know if the dog has formed a bond with you or not.

# Potential pet assessment

Try to understand the dog’s temperament and its behaviour around humans and other animals. Vaccinations given at the shelter, medical history and other relevant information must be found.

# Prepare well -

Prepare your home to welcome the new member. Get food and water bowls, collar, leash, mild shampoo, soft bedding, dog treats, some toys, dog grooming accessories etc. Identify a vet in your area, you may need to visit one for the first few days. Secure dustbins with a lid, keep footwear away, and secure loose or hanging cables. Be patient as it may take weeks for your pooch to adjust to the new environment and family.

# Basic training -

Street dogs are quite independent and intelligent. Training them can be more challenging than pedigree dogs. Initially stick to the basic house training. Tricks like handshaking, rolling etc come much later. Always keep in mind some dogs may behave the way they do because of what they may have gone through.

Spoil your adopted friend

www.pawsfortails.com is the one stop shop for all your pet needs, including dog accessories and training needs. Stray dogs once adopted would love getting spoilt. Order dog treats, toys for dogs, supplements for dogs, comfortable bedding and much more and give them a life they always dreamt of.



Getting a dog is good but adopting a stray dog, which is homeless, is great. Many people don’t even consider a street dogs’ life even a life but they forget that a dogs’ heart is humane. They are just as good and adorable as other dogs. The stray Indian dog you adopt will love you and you will feel proud to add up your bit for humanity.

With a life that will not last as long as yours, they definitely give you memories to cherish. When you decide to adopt a stray, you are giving him more than a home, you are making all its hardships vanish. Such a dog will love you even more for making its life better.

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