How Do I Welcome A Dog Into My Home

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Getting a new pet home is super exciting for the human pack. On the other hand, it is quite stressful for the dog. As for a new dog, it will be the first time he’s seeing your kitchen, living room etc. Everything is a first for him. It may feel lost and confused. Patience and understanding are the most important virtues that you must display. Often dogs tend to follow the 3-3-3 rule: 3 days of feeling nervous and overwhelmed, 3 weeks to settle in and finally 3 months of trusting you and forming the bond of love. Thus, understanding how to manage pet introductions, can help to create a lifetime of harmony.


When you get a puppy or an adult dog home, remember that you are virtual strangers who are yet to become best friends. The first few days in the new home can be very stressful for the dog. Adult/ rescued dogs with an unknown past may find your home to be a very different place, they are not used to it. Here are some tips that will help you introduce a new pet in your home and help the puppy settle down and feel safe.


# Gather new supplies –

This must be done before the puppy arrives home. If you have been very conscientious you would have probably already arranged for a food and water bowl, puppy gates, leash, collar, treats, food, bed and mattress, some toys etc are absolute new dog essentials.

Most puppies are not toilet trained, house trained or chew trained. Do not wait to find this information either. Assume the worst and keep all your prized possessions away. You will also need good quality absorbent mats to place inside the puppy crate or bed.

PFT Smart Tip: Start with toilet training the moment your new puppy or adult dog is home. Do not leave it unsupervised at home.

# Take your new dog to the toilet area every few hours –

This will ensure that your new dog knows where to relieve himself. Take him to the area often during the first 24 to 48 hours.

# Get a sheet or blanket that smells familiar –

Get something that smells familiar. You can ask the shelter or breeder that smells of the mother or littermates. Keep this on the puppy bed or crate so that he has something to snuggle with.

Do you already have a pet or an adult dog? It will benefit from being introduced in a neutral territory like a park or any other location which your adult dog is not territorial about.

# Children –

Getting a pet is a very exciting event for children but their enthusiasm must be supervised and controlled. The new pet must not be crowded by them or forced to interact. Rather encourage them to sit down with a small treat on their open palm and call the puppy one by one. Teach them to respect dogs’ food, treats and toys. Teach them how to pet or stroke the pet. Let the puppy know the children, at a pace it is comfortable with. Teach the kids to leave the pet alone when it's sleeping or simply lying down.

# Never leave a pet ‘Home Alone’ -

Take a few days off work to spend some time with your four-legged companion and to help the puppy settle in. Do not leave them in a strange courtyard or terrace or large halls unsupervised. Just hang out with the dog while he explores his new home. Let the puppy take its own time exploring. Provide him a comfortable warm bed, chewy toy and clean water.

# Establish rules –

Remember dogs aren’t born knowing the household rules, it is something you must teach them. It must be understood that puppies are still learning communication. But this does not mean that they don’t understand the rules yet, they have a lot to learn.

It is good to have some consistent rules. Start working on them as soon as you get your pup home. The entire family must know and follow the rules. Teaching the dog home rules will enable the dog and the family to live together in harmony. Use positive motivation training techniques like reward-based training (give a treat for good behaviour). This will help form a strong and loving bond with mutual respect for each other.

# Acclimatise your new pet –

As soon as you arrive, take the dog straight to the place you want him to use as a toilet. This is also the first step in house training. Introduce your pet steadily to new rooms. Allow the dog a bit of time to get used to the new surroundings and accustomed to new scents. Don’t give him the range of household it will get overwhelmed.

# The first few nights –

It is recommended not to leave the puppy outside alone as your house is a strange place for the puppy. It may fret, feel alone or try to escape to find company. Besides, it would like to sleep in the same room as yours as it is a social animal. Dogs have a strong urge to relate to the pack. If the puppy cries or whimpers as you get up, stay back and give it company. It needs company as it is crying from emotional separation. Before putting the puppy to the bed, make sure it has been fed and has gone to the toilet. Provide a soft bed as your puppy needs to feel comfortable and cosy. You may consider keeping the puppy or dog bed in your room.

# Exude calm yet assertive vibes –

Now is the time to establish yourself as the pack leader by going through the rest of your day exuding calm and assertive energy. Acknowledge the dog if he joins you but don’t go overboard with affection yet. Let him observe and figure out who is in the new pack.

# Reach out -

Call the vet or seek expert advice whenever needed. You can even reach out to other experienced pet parents for some good tips and suggestions. You can also hire an experienced dog trainer for some good behavioural and training guidance.

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Concluding thoughts

Proceed calmly and slowly. Slow paced introduction may help any fear based aggressive behaviours from developing. Let your new puppy or dog explore at its own pace and allow him all the time he needs to feel at home. This will ensure that the entire family has a harmonious, fun and loving journey together. Together you will create many precious and beautiful forever memories.

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