How To Choose Best Dog Beds For Puppies

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When it comes to providing a cozy and comfortable space for your beloved dog, finding the perfect dog bed is essential. We are offering insights and guidance on selecting the ideal resting spot for your furry friend.



We spend almost one third of our lives on bed and while it’s a warm idea to cuddle up in bed with your four-legged friend, your dog too needs his or her own space and a cosy place to sleep. Your dog’s bed is a place where they do more than just crashing. It’s a place of refuge, where they go to rest and feel comfort as most sleep for nearly 12 hours a day. Beds for puppies come in different sizes and shapes. So, choosing the right bed for your beloved pet is essential. These tips will help you choose the best dog bed for puppies and of course grown-ups too.

Before choosing a dog bed, it's essential to do some research and understand your dog's sleeping habits and pattern. Often dogs curl up into a ball, while some others stretch out fully. This also depends upon their size. Some like to sleep on their back, while others prefer to sleep on their stomach. By observing your dog's sleep behaviour, you can choose the best puppy bed that meets their unique needs. Other factors that must be considered are your dog’s age, materials, ease of cleaning and dimensions. The perfect dog beds for puppies gives them a perfect zone to relax and rejuvenate.

Benefits of Dog Beds

  • A bed protects your dog’s spine
  • It provides them warmth. Dogs don’t like cold
  • Getting a dog bed will preserve your furniture as well as wooden floors
  • It is their own place

What should one really look for in bed for dogs?

Often, we find our pets taking a relaxing nap on the floor or mats. But they still need a bed to tumble in. However, it’s not just comfort but structural support to prevent injuries and arthritis also that is of paramount importance. The older your pup gets the more likely it’s to suffer from painful injuries or orthopaedic concerns. So, the best puppy bed will provide support to your pet’s musco-skeletal system.

And if you are also a fashion forward pet owner then it goes without saying that your pet’s dog must reflect your style and be in sync with your home décor.

Here are a few practical tips that can guide you get the best dog bed for puppies.

1. Dog’s Health and Behaviour

Does your dog suffer from anxiety and use their bed as a place to unwind? Consider a nest bed with raised edges to create a sense of security and protection. Or does your dog love nothing better than sprawling out to sleep? A large, open-style pillow bed will provide them with the legroom they crave as well as comfort. Consider getting a walled bed for an anxious puppy.

2. Problem Chewer

Problem chewers need sturdy and durable beds that cannot be ripped into shreds. The best puppy beds come with a generous zip opening and zipper guard to protect your floors and avoid your chewy friend from playing with the zipper head.

3. Consider Dog’s Current and Future Health

Some dogs may have specific health needs when it comes to beds. For example, older dogs or dogs with joint problems will benefit from an orthopaedic memory foam that they can get in and out of easily while supporting their bodies. These beds rare a good option for older dogs also who sink into a plush bed and have trouble getting out. These will also provide comfort to their aching joints.

4. Size Matters

Often pet owners get this one wrong. Dogs don’t like to sleep with their paws on the floor. So, choose a bed that allows them to lie down comfortable in different positions. Measure your pet from the tip of their nose to the end of their tail. This will tell you what length of dog bed you’ll need to contain all limbs and tails comfortably. Next, measure from their shoulders to the floor to know how wide your dog’s bed should be, as they’ll often lay on their side when sleeping.

5. Keep things easy and choose a machine washable bed

Cleaning your dog’s bed is important and challenging if your pet is a heavy shedder. The best bed for dogs are easy to clean and maintain. The covering of the bed should be removable and washable, and the material should allow the fur should be easily vacuumed. Easy to wash bed will also ensure that the dog’s odour gets neutralised.

6. One bed per dog

No sharing! Internet dogs are often seen sharing the bed and squishing each other but its best to have one bed per dog. This will minimise competitive behaviour and give them place to retreat when they want to relax.

Online store For Dog Beds

Comfortable and cosy dog beds and mats are available at PawsforTails. You will find comfortable, cosy, colourful, thick mattress beds, ortho beds and so on. Just check out the online store and find a bed that your pet would love to crash in.



So, follow a road map to pick up the best dog bed for puppies. The perfect and the best bed for puppies provides optimum padding and support that prevent calluses and injuries. Beds that come with memory foam are the best beds for ageing dogs. The best bed for puppies will provide enough space and comfort to your furry friend to relax, snore and refresh itself.

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