Smart Heart Creamy Treat Dog Chicken and Carrot

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A creamy treat that dogs "enjoy to lick" is SmartHeart Creamy Dog Treats Chicken & Carrot. This unique method for dog lovers enables individuals to connect more and build closer relationships with their furry friends. The delectable delights are crafted with premium ingredients. These creamy snacks will make dogs happy and healthy. Category: Creamy Dog Treats Suitable age for Dogs: ( Above 12 months ) Benefits: - Vitamin K enables calcium absorption and provides strength to bone. - Vitamin A & C helps in nourishing dog’s skin. - Fiber helps in promoting the healthy Stomach. Ingredients: Chicken, Chicken by Product, Chicken Liver, Carrot, Dietary Fiver, Modified Starch, Coconut Oil, Gelling Agent, Parsley, Flavour.

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