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Your dog's unique nutritional requirements are met by Pedigree Professional Range dog food. We offers expert nutrition by combining premium ingredients with research conducted by our nutritionists and veterinarians. Category: Large breed puppy dry food Suitable age for Dogs: Puppies ( 3-12 weeks ) Benefits: - Nutrient rich and protein rich meal support their growth. - Glucosamine & Omega Fatty Acids to help support healthy joints. - Calcium and Phosphorus to ensure healthy bone development. - For Large breed puppies such as Golden retriever, German Shephard, Labrador, Dobermann, and St.Bernard. Ingredients: Meat and meat byproducts, poultry and poultry byproducts, and cereals, Soya oil, macerated toasted soy flour, vitamins and minerals, iodized salt, oligosaccharides, antioxidants, and certified preservatives and flavours. Pedigree PRO dog food range of products combine high quality ingredients with the science developed with nutritionists and veterinarians at the Waltham Centre.

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