Pedigree Jumbone Mini Adult Dog Treat - Chicken and Lamb

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A wonderful dog treat for your special animal companion, Pedigree Jumbone Mini in mouthwatering chicken and lamb flavour will put a smile on both of your faces. Jumbone expertly mixes a thick, chewy outer shell with a succulent, sweet centre that he can really sink his teeth into to create the ideal longer-lasting treat. It also has great flavour! With reduced fat and Omega 3 to help keep adult dogs healthy for life, Pedigree Jumbone is a complementary pet food. Additionally, it contains minerals like calcium to assist your pet's natural defences. Category: Adult Dog Treats Suitable age for Dogs: ( Above 1 year ) Benefits: - Excellent for rewarding. - Less than 5 Percent fat per 100g - Having Vitamins, Omega 3 and Calcium. - Delicious and tasty chewing product for your pet Ingredients: Cereals, plant-derived products, different sugars, minerals, plant protein extracts, meat and animal derivatives (including 2.3% dry fowl liver powder, which is equal to 4% chicken), seeds, oils and fats, and herbs are among the ingredients.

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