Lozalo Cantaloupe Conditioning Shampoo for dog & cat

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This is a Lozalo Cantaloupe Conditioning Shampoo products and these products is for the pets dogs small animals and pets care uses. Item weight : 200.0 grams Pattern name: Cantaloupe Shampoo This is a Lozalo Cantaloupe Dogs Conditioning Shampoo , and these products is for the pets dogs small animals and pets care uses. Nourishes hair with newest conditioner line. Sweeten hair care routine with organic sweet Cantaloupe for the simplicity of a healthy shine while keeping in line. Plus, the sweet, sunlit aroma makes this uplifting selection.Organic Cantaloupe has excellent conditioning properties and increases hair growth because of its richness in vitamins C. DIRECTIONS – Shake well before use. Using warm water, wet your pet thoroughly. Get the desired quantity of shampoo, apply from head to tail and all over the body with special attention to the dirty areas. Gently rub/massage deeply to the coat and skin. For better results let it sit for about 2-3 minutes. Rinse well wash off the residue with warm water. Repeat if necessary. Dry using an absorbent towel. Avoid around eyes and mouth directly. Cover pet’s ears to avoid water from getting in.Dogs Conditioning Shampoo Country of Origin : India

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